How music can be used to fight against Tourette syndrom

Stephen Tourette Welcome To Marwen Music Therapy Sould Pancake

The film “Welcome to Marwen” explore how art can be used to heal us. One young man, Stephen, was diagnosed with Tourettes at a young age, but has managed his tics by playing music. To celebrate all the challenges he has overcome, his family wanted to surprise him at one of his performances with a standing ovation from all his loved ones.     Website: https://www.welcometomarwen.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marwenmovie/ Twitter: @marwenmovie Instagram: @marwenmovie  

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If that’s how society treats arts education, how will it handle art therapy?

You’ve probably seen adult coloring books in craft stores and bookshops. The art industry has enthusiastically promoted the hobby as a fun tool for stress management. And why not? Art is clearly a means of expression and can provide an effective way to relax and unwind. Take this theory a step further, and you may find yourself in the field of art therapy. Art therapy helps a variety of people, including veterans, people with mental illness, children with autism, and individuals undergoing cancer treatment, just to name a few. Research has demonstrated art’s effectiveness on child development, yet people often think of art educators as babysitters with crayons and paint. They tend to receive less

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