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From consumer to creator. One of my biggest interrest working in creative and digital environment is to find new ways to provide people resources for them to drive councious decisions and have access to resources that help them create their own solutions.

I am passionate about communication and new technologies. I enjoy collaborating with people from different fields to create innovative solutions with a human centered and design thinking.
I also work on developing new artistic and psychogical ways to organize social and work environments from a creative approach.

Innovation and strategy

I work across the whole design process helping my clients achieve impact, helping teams achieve their best career goals and helping individuals and the organisation to grow. I work with teams to generate impact across all phases of work, from research to strategy to design. To do this I continually train my clients on new design methods, strategy and research, and sometimes bring in specialist expertise to find the key intersection of the areas to be developed to ensure projects flourish.
I have worked for several years as a consultant and have developed trusting relationships with my clients and the teams involved in order to fully understand the needs, to design programmes in line with the capacities present or to be worked on and to foster mutual success. I am in active contact with my clients during all phases of their project to ensure that their needs are met, whether static or changing, and I am there for them when opportunities or challenges arise to help them find a solution.


Finding the right levers for change

I work with teams to help them do a good job. I’ve been able to work with several teams at once, each with their own project manager, and I’ve tailored my support to exactly what each team needs to balance the quality and health of the team. Working closely with the project manager, I bring my expertise in providing feedback on the work, shedding additional light on a project’s perspective or challenges, encouraging the team to think differently, but also working with innovative methods and tools to ensure that the team has the right and sufficient resources.


Helping individuals to develop

The mentoring I offer is an activity that takes place in the context of projects, but also in the context of individual coaching relationships. As a coach, I support others in their career; inspiring and guiding them along their journey, helping them to set goals and contributing to the day-to-day challenges and longer-term development.


Helping the organisation to grow

An important part of my role when working in business is to develop opportunities with my clients: keeping in touch with people in my network, responding to business enquiries, sharing our story in a way that links our perspective and capabilities to the needs of potential clients, and designing and representing programmes that put us in a position of mutual success with potential clients.
Thought leadership is another way in which my role contributes to the growth of the organisation, both internally and externally. Internally, by training and inspiring others, and externally, by helping to tell our story to new and existing customers, partners and the community. I share my personalised approach where relevant and regularly have the opportunity to share my unique perspective in a variety of ways, through articles, interviews, webinars etc… to continually inspire my clients.
I provide input to management on organisational strategy and contribute to the implementation of that strategy through my involvement in project management, organisational initiatives and day-to-day interactions.

Less thinking, more doing! If you want to get in touch, please contact me below.
I’m also available on Linkedin and Instagram.