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Elevart: Creative Psychotherapy in Barcelona

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Elevart is a counseling and multidisciplinary art therapeutic colective in Barcelona. We believe in a creative personal development and psychotherapy program. Our main goal is to help people solve their psychological conflicts and achieve their goals through artistic techniques.

We are a creative psychotherapy project

Elevart also offers online therapy sessions
Elevart also offers online therapy sessions

I started this project at the end of November 2019. Art Therapy is more than 50 years old but unfortunately not known enough in Barcelona.

We are therapists, psychologists, coachs, artists and we work together to develop our best chance to help people through art by doing sessions, events…
You will also be able to find powerful psychological tools and articles through our website

We are councious about the social psychology and environment triggers that affect people in the city. Ou training in psychology and art proved its eficiency to manage and create powerful programs to resolve the most comon issues. Our programs are designed to help dealing with anxiety, stress, or depression. We also develop new tools to facilitate personal and profesional development.

Multicultural Creative Psychotherapy in Barcelona

We speak english, spanish, catalan and french and our intervention scope is wide: from coworking spaces, to social, educacional, and health institutions.

We are nomad but you can also find us in the Centric space C/ Balmes 13.
If you need more info about psychotherapy in Barcelona feel free to contact me.


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